Xinia Lara VictorHostess
“Since 2002 I received my first student that came to work on university projects, till the year 2018.

Then, I received the invitation of the local manager of the Marine Area of Management Bahia Santa Elena of the CTC project to be part of the local network of houses (posadas) where not only the students but the local and international tourists will stay as a new alternative of generating income.

Seeing the need that in this area very few people and companies offered this service. I felt motivated to be part of this association, I liked the idea of sharing with other people within a family ambiance.

Entering to this organization made me leave my comfort zone, seeking for new alternatives of business, this has gave me the opportunity of growing personally, I´ve received new knowledge, skills, capabilities that helped me to understand and adapt to new realities.
Stephanie AragónHostess
I am part of the house(posadas) network of Cuajiniquil since 2019. I am new in this entrepreneurship, but anxious of receiving tourists. I´ve had the opportunity of receiving training on different aspects to give a better costumer service. The decision to be part of this group was because of the need of resolving certain personal economic expenses as well as family ones, because we depend exclusively on fishing and what a better way than the best practices with our town´s natural resources that are beautiful and definitely people has to come and get to know them better, so seeing that there are not many places to stay it was a great alternative that will generate income to my family as well as my community. That is the reason why I liked to be part of this group of entrepreneur and fighter women seeking for a higher quality of life, using well our natural resources and in a warm family ambiance.
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