Get to Know Cuajiniquil

Cuajiniquil is the capital district of Santa Elena, canton of La Cruz. Located north of Puerto Soley community, west of Santa Cecilia, south and west of Santa Rosa National Park. Characterized for being a small and tranquil town in harmony with nature.


The name “Cuajiniquil” comes from one of the most iconic trees of the area, it was very common to spot them along most of the rivers, and because it was very well known, the area ended up being called like the tree.

For many years Cuajiniquil was an in passing area between Nicaragua and Costa Rica. However , it was not until years after, that people coming from different parts of Costa Rica as well as from Nicaragua that started to settle down. Initially there were not many homes and they were built on the riversides, there were no aqueducts, nor electricity, but with the years new families started to arrive and settled till today.


  • Villa Hermosa
  • Villa Burgos
  • Puerto Mora
  • Las Comadres
  • Cuajiniquil Centro
  • Las Melinas
  • Las Vegas
  • Agua Calientes
  • Nueva Esperanza


Formerly all settlers used to work on the fields as country men or cooks. Years after, on the 80s, lands belonging to former Nicaraguan president, Somoza, were expropriated to convert them in what we know today as Santa Rosa National Park. Therefore, settlers started to leave behind livestock activities and agricultural and started with fishing till present times. Consequently artisanal fishing is the main economici activity followed after touristic activities.

Road Infrastructure

Cuajiniquil community counts with paved roads, from InterAmerican highway route 1 towards Cuajiniquil dock and another from La Cruz´s Central Park toward Cuajiniquil. The rest are dirty roads, however they are easy transit for all types of vehicles, buses, motorcycles, and bikes.

Commerce and public institutions in the community

  • El Malinche Mini Super Market
  • Los Corales Mini Super Market and Liquor Store
  • Super Compro
  • Tico Souvenir

Food and Beverage

  • Arrecife Restaurant
  • El Marinero Restaurant
  • Sol y Mar Restaurant
  • Boulevard Restaurant
  • Bar & Restaurant La Casona
  • Bar & Restaurant Antonio´s


  • Cuajiniquil primary school
  • Cuajiniquil High School

Basic Services

  • ASADA Cuajiniquil
  • EBAIS Santa Elena
  • Police School Murciélago

Cultural Activities

  • Patronal Feasts: Every year in the community for December 25th the traditional bullfights are celebrated with food sales and dances.
  • Virgin of the sea celebration: Terrestrial or aquatic trip of the virgin of the sea around the community. Organized by the Catholic Church.
  • Soccer tournaments, masculine and feminine: one local tournament once a year in the different soccer fields of the community.
  • Ocean front Festival: Festival done every third Saturday of every month.

Cuajiniquil Attractions

  • Bahía Junquillal Wild Life Refuge
  • Murciélago Island
  • Cuajiniquil Look out point
  • Cuajiniquil Beach
  • Islita Beach
  • Muerciélago River
  • Fishing Dock
  • Muñeco Island

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